Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Don't Bother Me With the Dead, Part 1

sgtg: "what is your agenda/point? i get that you think the killing in the middle east will continue under obama. you also think that it will continue under mccain. so what are you getting at? what do you want "us" to do? are you suggesting that we don't vote at all? i'm really not getting what you're after. i know that the shit going on in the middle east is not going to stop with any candidate. and it sucks. but i'm going to vote for obama anyway. i'm just really dying to understand your point. and if you could keep it brief, wow, i'd really appreciate it. and if you just spew the same long-winded stuff as before, and not answer my question, i'll just stop reading your comments (which i think a bunch of folks have already done)."

What is your agenda/point?

1) Murder is wrong, even if you murder fewer people than someone else would have, or do it in a nicer way.

2) Supporting people who murder, and who openly plan more murders, such as Barack Obama, is wrong.

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