Thursday, November 6, 2008

jesus people

U.S. bombs wedding. U.S. apologizes if people happened to die.

What is it with weddings? Haven't they figured out yet that a wedding is a giant red bullseye to heroes at 10,000 feet?

Why would anyone ever accept an invitation to a wedding over there? It's like asking to be an extra in "Kill Bill 2."

Why don't they just get it? Life is OVER for them. They can't have weddings, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, shriner's parades, quinceneros, or whatever else. Those things are for us. Their job is to lay on the ground and stop complaining until we've finished hunting down every last tali-whatever. The tali-whatever are our ENEMIES ONOEZ! If we remain firm, hard, rigid and vigilant for at least another 7 years, we will surely kill all of our enemies until they are dead!

Barack! Amen! Bring us your "more predator drones," Barack! Escalate the "real war" in Afghanistan! Open your "new front" in Pakistan! Hallelujah, brutha! Call down those laser-targeted strikes on a new wedding next week! Death to al kayy-duh!

Now I'm done thinking about this. I'm going back to celebrating that we have just proven how perfect and un-racist we are by electing Obama (TM) (the Hope and the Light).