Thursday, October 23, 2008

White woman attacked!

Obama supporter carves B into woman's face

This is a strange story, to say the least:

1) A faceless black assailant robs woman of $60 off the cameras at a bank within two weeks of an election that looks bad for McCain;

2) As he rushes from the scene, the man notices the bumper sticker "McCain" on the woman's car;

3) The man then turns around and goes back to the woman;

4) The man then produces a knife. He wants to send a message about supporting Obama. So, he "scratches" (their word) a "B" into the woman's face. He manages to scratch a "B" despite her...struggles?

He chooses the letter "B" instead of the letter "O" for "Obama," despite the fact that a bumper-sticker competing with a McCain bumper sticker would include only the last name;

5) The nondescript "dark skinned black man" then flees the scene;

6) The woman calls police and gives a description of the nondescript black man, and refuses medical treatment for the scratches on her face;

7) The woman then goes to the news to report this.

Is anyone else smelling anything fishy about this one?

1 comment:

Seyrah said...

Um, yeah.
1) it's perfectly legible
2) it's backwards (like it was done in a mirror?)
3) it and the black eye are simultaneously manifest (black eyes take quite a while to show up)
4) The perp sounds like it could be anyone. She noticed the color of his shoes but not if they were nikes, or chucks, or boots, or what-have-you?

Racial undertones are particularly interesting: count the number of references to "dark" or "black" in her description of her attacker.

Fake or not, I'm sure this will convince plenty of racists in this country that Obama is ZOMG BLACK and, as President, will enforce support of his administration through intimidation by his thug homies. Of course, this theoretical kind of thug rule is ENTIRELY DIFFERENT from white presidents sending white soldiers to rape dark-skinned women.