Thursday, August 21, 2008

A brief ragnarist interlude

From Symptoms of Ragnarism:

Desire to repress sexual behavior and physical bodies through social or governmental controls.

Easy to recognize: involves disapproving of expressions of sexuality, including public kissing, movies with nudity, navel rings, homosexuality in general, “gay marriage,” or other reminders of sexuality.

From Bitch PhD:
Egyptian women, let's all, together, throw off the veil. Let's flood the streets in tank tops and shorts, armed with baseball bats and ready to yell at anyone who cocks a leering eye our way.

The sick mind violently represses its own thoughts. Manifested physically, the sickness fantasizes about lashing out in brutal fashion against someone who would dare to look.

Note also:

1) Absolute polarization of "those who look" and "those who are looked at." (The good/evil with us/against us dichotomy of the sick);

2) Absolute authority is vested in the holder of the weapon to decide whether a look is "leering" (ungood look) or "innocent";

3) Desire to walk through the streets armed and dressed a certain way, not because of a desire to go for a walk or to feel the breeze, but rather a desire to elicit a target response and have something to bash in return.

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