Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Jon Benet DNA

New DNA evidence

The new claim is that the parents were not the killers because twelve years after the killing, a new DNA test showed that there may have been a spot of DNA from a male who was not a family member on the murdered girl's clothes.

Putting aside what happened in over a decade of storage and handling by however many police detectives, janitors, lawyers, and the like--sent-out laundry and visitors to the home and a dozen other possibilities suggest themselves as explanations. Also, the fact that this was such a miniscule find that it took a highly-advanced test not available until today to turn it up, and that a killer involved in direct physical strangulation might just possibly leave more than such a tiny spec on his victim.

For those not acquainted with the case, a short rundown of revealing facts:

* No footprints of any kind outside the house in the fresh snowfall during or immediately after the time of the murder.

* No broken windows or locks of any kind on the house during or immediately after the time of the murder. Doors were locked after the murder, and no one was in the house in the morning except the family.

* No sign of struggle or abduction between the girl's upstairs bedroom and the basement downstairs where she died. No one reported noise or struggle. Someone the girl knew and trusted brought her downstairs into the basement before strangling her.

* Ransom note discovered is in mother's handwriting, and makes a demand for the precise amount of money ($118,000) the father had just received as a Christmas bonus earlier that week, a figure unknown at that time except to the family and the employer.

* After the father reports the girl "missing," he immediately calls his lawyer, then invites several friends over to help him "search" the inside of the house. He keeps them out of the basement, where Jon Benet's body is. Police then search the inside of the house and find no evidence of struggle or kidnapping. Because of the ransom note, they suggest waiting for a call. Father then goes down to the basement "to get something" and "finds" the body.

* Mother had recently returned from membership in a Christian extremist group that used the acronym SBTC, for "saved by the Cross." "SBTC!" is referenced in the ransom note.

* Jon Benet's body had been bathed after it was killed, to remove evidence. That means someone took it up to a bathtub before replacing it in the basement. Father and mother claim to have heard nothing.

Now, because some unknown boy or man at the laundry service may have brushed by one of Jon Benet's pieces of clothing, or left it at her house and had it picked up by her clothing, or left it on her mother's or father's clothing and had it picked up by her clothing, case solved.

The father, who still lives, will be pleased with this news, and like O.J., he can now continue his vigilant search for the real killer. Who floats over the snow. And can walk through walls. And knew Jon Benet enough to trick her down to the basement. And who then strangled her in the house knowing her family was upstairs the whole time. And then who carried her back upstairs to give her a bath before returning her to the basement. And who then exited the house and locked the doors on his way out and floated over the snow to leave.

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